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This excellent clip was sent by Wayne, and captures the beauty and addiction of Microlight and Ultralight flying. The machine is a Pegasus Quik. Windows Media .WMV file
(8.3Mb Duration 4min 03secs)

Check out the Bullet Cameras below and start researching to make a video yourself.


Approach, Landing and Departure at Malaga
International Airport.. Lots of radio and 8 minutes long. Lots of concentration and I loved every minute. It certainly hones your radio skills and you have to know *exactly* where you are... just in case they ask!

An interesting departure the next morning, too.....

Windows Media .WMV file
For Broadband junkies only at the moment
(13.5Mb Duration 8mins)

Stopping off at Montpezat, France near the French\Spanish border.

I met up with my mate Mike who tethers his Quik there (pictured), and we made this flying footage.

Check out the reflections on the water!

Windows Media .WMV file
Broadband Version (
4.7Mb Duration: 2m:09)

Flying into the Sunset
3 of us set off to chase the Sunset at low level. The Movie tells the rest of the story...
Windows Media .WMV file
(3.5Mb Duration 1min 47secs)

A Visit to RAF Lyneham's Familes Open Day

I was lucky enough to be invited with 5 other Microlights into RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, UK.

There was a Hercules and Tornado airshow thrown in as part of the entertainment!

On approach, I had a Hercules behind me on base leg!

Windows Media .WMV file
Broadband Version (8.7Mb Duration: 3m:43)
Modem Version: (5.7Mb Duration: 2m:44)

Another world in a Q912

On this spectular wispy cloud-layered evening, I met up with another flyer who joined the party above for his starring film debut...!

Windows Media .WMV file
Modem\Broadband (1.9Mb Duration: 48secs)

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